Issue with AMMXD

What happened with AMMXD ? (old ticker was AMMX)
After the reverse stock split that happened today every order is said to be “placed” but nothing happens and they’re not visible in -orders waiitng to be filled or whatever-
Can’t sell or buy more of this stock.

Will this be possible to be traded soon again? Especially for those with open positions? @David sorry for the tag but maybe you guys missed this

There has been a reverse stock split (share consolidation), as you have rightfully pointed out @Fabi0. The ratio of the reverse split was 1-for-50, meaning that if you had exposure of 50 shares to that instrument before the split, you would now have 1 share.

If you had created a sell order before the share consolidation, it would not execute due to your position’s adjusted new quantity with the instrument, and we will have to cancel your order manually.

I would also like to mention that liquidity in OTC markets is thinner in general, and in the case of this company, it has worsened due to the corporate action. This circumstance might lead to slower execution.

If you experience any difficulties selling your holdings, you can send me a personal message to take a look at your account and provide you with more accurate information. @Fabi0