XSPA under 3 shares

Hello guys i had 2.1 shares of XSPA , these stocks are no longer part of my portfolio cause of the reverse stock split , but i haven’t received a notification that my position has been closed , and i haven’t received any money as well. If you could help @Team212

This is what it says in the transactions, shouldn’t the amount be the amount of myShares*LastAvailablePrice, how can the ammount of selling shares be negative? @Team212

Hello, @GeneticFeak! You’ve received your initially invested amount back to your free funds & a transaction was made. In your case the transaction is negative since you have bought your shares at a higher price.

why can’t i see my initially invested ammount in the transactions history?

Your initially invested amount it’s not a transaction, however, if you calculate your balance, you’ll notice that the amount was released. We’re working on a creating more intuitive way of displaying the information regarding corporate actions.