Chesapeake issue

Hi. I’m utterly disappointed with trading 212. I understand your mistake but if I could made mistake like this I have to probably pay a price for this but of course trading 212 don’t have to. After sell my Chesapeake shares I’ve earned yesterday £11.000 …bit of course because of your mistake you canceled this … moreover trading 212 haven’t explained to me anything. No message …no notification…anything. I’m thinking about getting in touch with lawyer. This is too big issue leave this like nothing happened. Btw …English is not my first language so sorry for mistakes.


@xoxo Chesapeake energy had a 1:200 reverse stock split (share consolidation). This means that if you had 200 shares at 0.2 avg. price, you’d now have 1 share at an avg. price of 40.

However, as you can see, the adjustment wasn’t made correctly on your position & you had the old (pre-stock split) quantity of shares, old average price but new (post-split) selling price. This is wildly inaccurate & that’s why we’ve made the necessary correction.

Here are websites confirming the reverse split:

I have the same problem, but my account funds completely vanished, even though I was at profit. What’s now? When shall I receive the correct profit from CHK and the rest of my funds?

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@domin3 I checked your account & everything seems correct. If you’d like the calculations behind the corrections, feel free to DM me.

Hello all,

since yesterday I cannot open any new positions anymore.
On both accounts (investment and CFD) I get a message saying that I cannot have more than 0 open positions. Both accounts have enough money to make new purchases.
Does anyone know what’s going on there and how to fix it?

Thanks in advance

Hi. I am unable to buy anything. I keep getting error mesaage saying i cant have nore than zero open postions??

@M4rtin We had an issue with Chesapeake Energy’s 1:200 reserve stock split, the adjustment wasn’t done correctly & all accounts that held positions through the stock split have been temporarily placed in closed-only mode.

We’re working on correcting this as quickly as possible.

Does that mean there is annissue with my sale of Chesapeake?

@M4rtin Yes, it’s incorrect.

Can you give an indication of what its likely to mean?

Quite a large thread on Reddit with a few people reporting the same thing, see below for more info.

That doesnt clear up the mess what so ever? How and why should that affect me if i have sold my shsres with the money in my account?

@M4rtin The incorrect sums will be corrected & removed from your account by the end of the day.
It’s true that you’ve managed to sell the shares but the quantity to price ratio is incorrect. You can still keep those trades if you decide to deposit the necessary cash needed to actually settle them - but that would be more than the profits, so you’d end up with a loss.

I have the same problem, with CHK stocks but not only with this, my funds stand at 0.00, which means you have taken all of my funds. What should I Do? When shall I receive the correct settlement about CHK and my other, then-free funds?

Thanks for moving my post here, but this does not answer my question.
Now I only have more questions.

@jonhue The share consolidation correction has been made & you can open new positions now.

Thanks but my question now is why I have to pay the price when Trading 212 makes a mistake?

@jonhue You have not incurred any losses from the correct execution of the share consolidation.