Issue with card payments and account deactivation

I just received this email yesterday asking me to provide the bank details of all the card being used. I had some of my credit card account being closed in last month or so. Therefore I can’t present that now. I have some balance in my account which I want to withdraw. It’s neither allowing me any position, nor replying to emails, nor refunding money. I don’t know how to proceed from here. I am thinking of getting a lawyer to take them to court. What would you do?

I was removing some card prior, support was asking official document/proof that old card is invalid. So I contacted my issuer’s support and they provided me with either document or just “verbal” yes card is invalid, took screenshot and provided to t212. Had no issue removing cards…

I have already done that, and the customer representative said that since you don’t have an account with us we have no information against your name in our system. Well, that’s not the point at all. I made the deposit with wire transfer and all I’m looking for is to get those funds back. The details of that bank account are already being sent to the team and it can clearly be seen that account is on my name. So why am I barred from withdrawal? Trading 212 let me to deposit funds but now refusing to let it withdraw? I strongly believe that, this trading platform is another scam, I’m dealing with. I just want to close my account and the withdrawal of funds.

Every single regulated company, like us, is having certain AML & risk management procedures. All are implied, authorized and monitored by FCA.

To resolve your case, you should reply to the email sent to you by our team.

No other companies don’t misguide their customers telling them they can deposit funds by bank transfer and then refuse to let them withdraw those funds based on verification scam your organisation run. If someone’s ID verification is in objection then why would you let them to deposit the funds at the first place?

And I have sent them few mails and no one is getting back to me to reply. It took only 30 minutes to them to accept the deposit the account and now refusing to answer for 2 days. Wow, scammers, that’s what this organisation is. However, I have recorded every single reply of yours so that I can use it in the court.

To accuse Trading 212 of being “scammers” could be considered a libel. Most people withdrawn funds easily. However, to permit Trading 212 to comply with anti-money laundering regulations, you agreed that there might be a delay in processing your withdrawal request when you accepted the terms and conditions. It is reasonable that your closure of the credit card account that you initially used to fund your account creates abnormal circumstances and requires investigation.

We may request additional information and/or documentation to verify the legitimacy of the request. … You hereby agree that under such circumstances there may be a delay in the processing of your request.

If T212 really was a scam, you wouldn’t have ever seen funds enter your account, you wouldn’t have been able to access any sort of community where the scam could be revealed and posting any message claiming you have faced issues would just be erased with your account blocked.

None of this has happened. Double check any email response hasn’t gone to your spam folder and understand that email responses still take time due to Covid-19. Everything hasn’t stabilised just yet to see rapid communication restored in full.

The issue with being able to deposit and not withdraw is unfortunate right now, but it will get resolved. This has happened before for reasons such as new ID checks needing to be met after your account was already set-up. It’s your responsibility to make sure that all necessary documents are submitted to verify your identity to prevent these problems from occurring at a bad time. If you knew you had cards expiring you should have made sure that there would be no issues and that new ones were added.

Maybe this whole community is “funded” by T212 as coverup? Maybe we are all professional actors? :thinking:


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