Adding Investment Trusts

I’m keen to shift my ISA from Hargreaves Lansdown to either T212 or FT (think T212 is a maturer product in terms of additional features.

FT now have my entire portfolio available (but some shares are behind their Paywall), whereas T212 only have about half my portfolio available.

What I don’t understand is how often and when do stocks get updated on T212? It’s a clear process for FT, happens every week and if you ask for a stock they try to be accommodating in the next upload.

I can see a lot of communication on T212 about the upload of fractional shares, but not new stocks.

I’ve been asking for months for some of my portfolio to be included here (some of which are really popular Investment Trusts).

These include the following

Edinburgh Worldwide - EWI
Worldwide Healthcare - WWH
Baillie Gifford European Growth - BGEG
Baillie Gifford China Growth - BGCG

Frustration I have is these have never been included (and others have requested them also), but there never seems to be any communication on here either.