Wrong dividend amount

Today I received 219.02 PLN of dividend for owning aprox 2.39 shares of Invesco S&P 500 High Dividend Low Volatility ETF.

This is obviously wrong, because the value of this 2.39 shares is 231 PLN, which is almost the same value as received dividend. (which I don’t mind BTW :stuck_out_tongue:)

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Completely unexpected dividend. Got more in dividends then what I had invested, so that’s nice.

Same here. Not complaining, but it’s paid me more than what I invested originally.

I just received 100x the actual monthly dividend for VGOV (I say received it’s just the wrong amount in my history - anyone actually recieved the stated cash?). Just asked the chat and they said the calculations as correct but it isnt if we’re all having the issue today.

Yes, I received real cash.

It will probably rectify itself pretty soon.

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I have the same problem here (HDLG), I have spoken to Invesco who have confirmed it should be $0.3406 per share. I have also spoken to Trading 212 who are looking into it.

We’re currently looking into it!

Yea I got a message to restore the funds. Iv already spent some of the money though and markets closed.
What do we do?

On my account, the whole dividend was taken back.

Waiting to get the correct amount.

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Ditto over here. Hoping to hear what caused the mishap is fixed, so it won’t happen again.

I didn’t spend that amount, since it was obviously an error. And yes it has been withdrawn from my account as of writing this.

I receive a normal amount from VUSA today, so not all users/shares are affected by this bug.

I think it’s only for certain stocks. It happened to me for HDLV but not VUSA

You’ve already received an email & a platform message. In general, you have to restore the received amount since it was distributed 27.68 USD per share instead of 0.3406 USD. Shortly after that, we’ll make the necessary corrections.

Hi @Martin, I was wondering, have the VWRL dividends been affected by this? I have received my VUSA distribution but not VWRL.

Hi Martin, I too have received an incorrect dividend on VGOV. But not yet received any notification from yourself either via email or on the app.

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No, VWRL hasn’t been affected & it’s about to be distributed!

I will PM you with additional details!

Thanks for the update @Martin :+1:

cool - yes just seen the email - i sold off the stocks.