Jamf Holding IPO

Good afternoon @David @Martin @PeterA,

Jamf Holding Corp (JAMF) is going to have it’s IPO on Thursday the 23rd of July. It would be much appreciated if this can be added to the platform on Thursday.



Seconded. Looks like it might be happening tomorrow.


Yes looks like they’ll IPO tomorrow. Hopefully they’ll be available on the platform tomorrow.

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I’ll be looking out for JAMF

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Has anyone heard if it’s coming on?

It’s added, will be available the moment the IPO’s live.


Premarket showing $26.00

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What time is it live do we know?

Should have been at 2.30pm (UK time) but not showing any price!

I’ve got the same. I think there was some delay with lemonade also.

Any idea of a time it’s coming on anyone

Looks like tomorrow?

Oh wow. That’s annoying

I think it will be today but at a later time. From what I’ve seen some people are saying it’ll go live around 4pm.

Why do you think it’s later?

I think that based of this thread New IPOs going live TODAY (Wed 22nd July)

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Opened at $46. Now at $39.83 and dipping.

Crazyness. Way over valued

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