Japan 225 Missing

Hi Guys,

Anyone else have all their Japan 225 positions closed. Looks like that instrument has gone missing. Even if you search for it, it can’t be found.

I logged a support ticket yesterday night on this but not really getting a response if this is a general problem or something specific to me. Would be nice to get an update.

Thanks for any help.

@tradedemon I’ll look into it.


Many thanks David,

Looking forward to hearing from you on this.

Hi thanks for flagging I have the same issue

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I think it’s to do with the rollover that should have happened last night at 9pm

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Yeah most of my indices instruments have been rolling over fine, the Japan225 however just expired and everything was closed. Like you I got the message that they were supposed to rollover at 9pm but it expired instead and the rollover never happend.

Lets hope they can revive the Japan 225 and recover our positions too.

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Yes I would expect our positions to be recovered and the 225 has had a good evening and morning too so I wouldn’t expect to be out of pocket.

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Hi do you have an update on this at all please

Agreed I don’t think they would strip us of our gains or losses :slight_smile: Either way everything should be restored based on where we left off because it does sound like a tech glitch on their platforms end.

The current contract of Japan 225 is available for trading now. Could you both DM me your email addresses so I could look at your cases? @tradedemon @ABtrade


@David Just to confirm I still can’t see the Japan 225 on the app.

EDIT: ok I can see it now by searching but it’s not visible from category

Indices -> Asia & Australia

Any updates on this. I’m also noticing that if I view the Japan 225 it only shows the charts since yesterday/today. Is all the previous chart data lost?

Hey did you get an update on this?

No still waiting on something concrete just got a message saying my case is being reviewed.

Not sure what they are reviewing, hopefully it’s just how long it will take to put our positions back as this was quite clearly a technical glitch. It sounds like when they moved from spot positions to futures some accounts weren’t transferred correctly. Our positions were still on the old instrument so we missed the roll over and got closed on the old instrument.

Have you heard anything?

Same happened to me. Several positions closed and losses incurred! Very annoying. I even received notification that same morning that Japan 225 would rollover. I’ve logged the issue with Customer Care and received a reply saying they are looking into it. Just searched for the instrument now and it is back, but states ‘Trading Suspended’. I really hope it comes back up and positions are restored. One of my favorite trading instruments.

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Yeah I got the exact message you are referring to. Whatever happened it didn’t go as planned. I incurred heavy losses too as positions closed prematurely.

Let’s see what happens , I’m hoping the platform work their doing this weekend will resolve things.

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Guys ive experienced exactly the same issue. I was told my Japan 225 positions would be rolled over however this was not the case and they were all closed automatically. Definitely agree that at the least we should be compensated for our losses. @David could you look into this.

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I haven’t heard anything new but the team are busy resolving things as we speak :+1:

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I’m hoping this is a one off because all the indicies are now futures so I wonder if it will be an issue with all the rollovers?

If there was something fundamentally wrong with Japan225 then I’m sure it will be checked/fixed across the full suite of similar instruments they hold.