UK 100 - CFD problem?

There is no update since 10.22 only I have such issues?

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Yup - it is frozen …

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Thanks, good to know it’s not from my side

I think it is to do with the Exp Sep 19th being launched this morning. however that is trading at around 50 points lower than other platform trackers.

Won’t let me close any positions, I think someone screwed it up here and has closed it at 10am rather than 10pm. if it doesn’t get resolved i can only assume they’ll be rolled over to next week…

Today is day of rollover so it would happen anyway I just wasn’t expecting it to take place so early, in app it shows 16 as rollover time

@David - are you able to help? Is this a rollover issue like VIX the other day?

The instrument’s suffering from low liquidity as it is due to expire. Your position(s) will be rolled over to the next active contract in about 30 minutes.


Why is it when the next active contract starts the charts previous do not show up? Is this in the works to be fixed soon? Thanks.

Hi Tony, the instrument not showing the previous history is a bit distracting. Is this something that can be changed?