Just Eat shares after acquisition

Hi All
I understand that after the acquisition of Just Eat, the new company has started compulsory buying of the shares. How will this work for our shares?


Check just eat investors relations. I think we will receive 0.12111 or something shares of JET for every share of JE. Just been difficult because of the CMA stepping in, I’m assuming they’re allowed to go ahead with the merger now

@Alien @cavanhagan Once the compulsory buying ends (March 20), you’ll receive the cash proceeds, which you can use to purchase the new company’s shares. Unfortunately, we don’t have the capability to distribute stock, yet.

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Oh shame, so we’ll just get a payout at the share price at that time?

@cavanhagan Yes, exactly.
We’ll work on developing a way to distribute stocks in the event of such corporate actions.

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