Where are my Just Eat Shares?

I add a number of Just Eat share which has now disappeared from my portfolio without any notification. However, (by chance I saw) I saw a deposit of £9.97 and on probing further, the description states- Takeover by Takeaway.com.

Now, I ask you, takeover from what? How is anyone meant to know what Takeaway is or the relationship between both companies? An appropriate description would perhaps had been- Just Eat takeover/merger with Takeaway.com

Can you tell me what the £9.97 deposit is for? I’m assuming this forms part of the 50% pay out from sale of iFood(weblink below). What about my Just Eat shares, what happened to them? Will I be getting equivalent shares from Takeaway? What is the process in relation to takeover/share swap etc?

If I have to keep a tight check on my portfolio this way to be assured that nothing going wrong, then it isn’t a sign of that I can rely on T212

@phil_dupri When there’s a takeover/buyout or such type of event where positions are closed, we usually inform prior via platform message, I apologies that this didn’t happen this time.

Since your positions are closed, the funds you invested are essentially “unlocked” & free to use again while the result from the investment [(close price - avg. opening price) x quantity] is added or subtracted to your account via transaction. Thus £9.97 is the profit from the trade.

Hi David, it not really clear to me what you meant by “unlocked & free to use again”.

I have an understanding of the calculation as well as the profit, but what about the invested fund itself? If it forms part of my free funds, how are I meant to know or confirm that?

@phil_dupri The invested funds that were in the category “Portfolio” are now in “Free funds”. The funds are not taken from your account balance or just disappear. You can confirm that by checking your sum of deposits, invested amount & free funds to see it all adds up.

I’m a bit confused, it doesn’t add up. I’m not sure if the difference are due to stamp duty. This difference gets larger when I add dividends received to deposit.

Deposit (+ dividends) doesn’t equal Invested + Free funds

Could you please check it out. Also can you tell me the total amount i’ve paid in stamp duty and dividends tax. This is another reason why these tax figures are necessary on the platform so calculations can be easily done.

@phil_dupri I’ll DM you with the details.