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So today I see that the Just Eat shares have been sold (but there’s no mention of it anywhere other than it disappearing from my portfolio and some free funds becoming available). I got my free funds, which wasn’t shown in the transactions, but a small amount was also withdrawn, which was the only mention of the sale in my transactions.

I was just wondering why this withdraw happened, and is it coming to my bank account? And also why the transaction wasn’t made clear as I like to keep track of my portfolio In a spreadsheet and I’m just a little confused about what to enter today.
Many thanks

@cavanhagan Yes, we implemented the takeover a few hours ago. Your initial investments have been basically “unlocked” & free for use again, while the amount you see in transactions is the result of the closing - opening price = e.g whether you’ve made a profit or loss from your investment.


So the profit is being sent to my bank account? Thanks for the quick response

What is the takeover?
What does this mean all profits go straight to the bank?

@cavanhagan The result is what you see in transactions. If it’s negative, that means that the investment/trade has lost money - the closing price was lower than your average opening price.

Noob question : whats a takeover ?

@Keoxes Basically the purchasing of one company by another, usually public companies.

If company X buys all shares of company Y - company X has completed a takeover of company Y.

@StefanStandUp This is the Just Eat - Takeaway takeover -> https://www.reuters.com/article/us-just-eat-m-a-takeaway-com/takeaway-shareholders-approve-just-eat-acquisition-company-idUSKBN1Z81SW

ah ok , thats what I thought takeover are too.

Didnt see anything in the current news but your link helps to provide context.

Oh so it’s a withdrawal taking away my losses. Ok I understand