Kandi Technologies Group Inc NASDAQ: KNDI

@PeterA @David Probably too late but can this be added tomorrow? :pray:

Currently 9.32, I think this could go to double that by Friday.

Posted on another thread but what’s the appeal?

Those cars look awful and are only marginally cheaper then the competition…

(And a lot shitter).

Nothing special essentially it’ll be joining the stack of pump and dump EV stocks like NIO, SOLO

I think an easy double 9-18.

I wouldn’t stay in the stock longer than a week.

I think they look horrendous.

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I don’t get pump and dump.

I think this one is more dump, with no pump.

Probably too late on it now looks like it might run today :sweat_smile:

@phildawson :heavy_check_mark:

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Thank you :beers:

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:open_mouth: up 76% in pre

I need to get better at picking these up earlier :pensive:

Hopefully it comes back down a bit to let us fokes have a play when it actually opens.

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Here here. After hours trading is needed.