Please add. $RGLS / $CVEO / $VOLT / $KNDI

Please add this stocks.


yep add KNDI pretty please @PeterA :slight_smile:

Kandi cars look awful. What’s attracting people to the shares?

For a $1000 dollars more you can buy a Bolt or a Leaf and benefit from nationwide coverage a better battery and range in the US. Not to mention Volkswagen will be competing in this area too. I definitely do not see the appeal.

Teach me what you know…?

The rest are low volume boom or bust penny stocks. If anyone was thinking of checking them out.

Its called a pump and dump. no one really cares about the cars.

Oh yeah. I forget most people aren’t investing for the long term.

How much are you planning to lose on this one?

lose all or win hard. why would i invest for long term in this shitty market when u can earn decent money just swing trading.

And why would i set up my portfolio for long term when another crash is coming… I would rather wait for crash and then buy dip.

Ha! Serious question why not just use a betting site? If you’re prepared to lose it all?

I been told this 20 times over the last ten years.

You probably dont even know why market is so high right now. let me give u a hint: fed money, that shit wont last for ever.

Point 2. : USA people cant pay the rent nor can they pay the mortages. People are getting evictes. Small bussiness lose money -> big bussiness lose money.

Point 3. : Banks are losing revenue because people arent paying their loans nor are they taking new loans.

Sounds familiar ? Maybe 2008 familiar?

I have seen you mentioning Buffet on this forum. Well if you were really following him you would see a presentation he made on his last Shareholders meeting about great depression and 2 crashes that occured.

You definitely don’t.

This definitely isn’t true in the US. It was actually illegal to do so at the moment in the US from March till the end of July. Unless proceedings had started prior to the CARES act.

And with the HEALS act looking set to follow this will continue.

Which is fully understandable given the circumstances?

It does not sound anything like 2008. For one the banks balance sheets are much stronger than 2008 because of the Basel III minimum liquidity standards in the EU and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform & Consumer Protection Act in the US.

All banks have set aside huge amounts for defaulted loans. 2008 was caused by illiquidity in the repo market and in the US have just passed another stress test.

But I can’t be arsed to explain this to someone who won’t listen.

Buffett is buying banks though?

So probably best you don’t quote Buffett to people.

Enjoy your gambling.

Aren’t those technically illegal?

please add 4D Pharma (DDDD)