Kandi Tech allegations and dip down!

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Just a quick query here,Recently Kandi Tech was doing well .Institutional investors were agreed on the price of $11.30 /per share .Because the institutional investors bought the share ,I added more Kandi share on my portfolio making it 30% of my portfolio.I was ,seeing all others EV instruments were doing pretty well.Next day , because of recent allegation from a short seller the price went down sharply.Yes Its not because of external market circumstances but from Kandi itself.In this a case that we recover our loss from Kandi if the allegation to Kandi is proved ?
Your sharing would be appreciated.

you bought the share, if the price changes you gain or lose. you won’t get any more from kandi or someone else if your position leads to a loss. no matter what the reason is.

so unless the stock goes back up you won’t recover your loss. If you believe they will get past it and get back up to their previous price, you could dollar cost average down to lower your average cost per share and then sell once you begin to turn a profit.

I think what they are asking is if the company SP has inflated based on lies and if the lies are proven in court do the shareholders get anything back.

Its common to get ambulance chasers on stocks attempting to take them to court but I don’t know how successful most are.

The recent one is NKLA with again Hindenburg pulling the rug. Trevor should be in jail not picking up hundreds of millions.

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I think it would still be a pretty lost cause because most of the market all made decisions with the same degree of information.

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|Thank you Dao, understood ! .However its happened because Kandi raised capital giving false financial information .They put on fake sales on financial statement and we bought share because we trusted its growing .
Now Its under the way to delisting at NASDAQ ?.
Almost 50% price is down ,worried !!
Thinking someone will go to the court , It would get proved and we will get the loss be covered ?
Did this happened in the past ?
Any sharing ?

Sounds similar to the story of Wirecard.

I think it’s back where it realistically should be.

If you invest in the company and they go bust, that’s the risk you took in investing. If it doesn’t go to your liking, it’s not a matter of getting your money back.

What I’d say is don’t panic (yet!). Wait and see what Kandi’s response is.

Look up Hindenberg’s history of short reports, who they’ve attacked in the past (NKLA, BLNK, NNOX all spring to mind) and when.

Then look at those company’s charts from that time onward and see what the reaction over time was. In fact here are the above examples charts;

NKLA - hit around Sept I think and has been up and down since. To be fair NKLA always seemed to be a sinking ship so was an easy hit for Hindenberg;

BLNK - this was hit in August but you wouldn’t know it;

NNOX - pretty much fully recovered and re-achieved previous highs;

Plenty of others I’m sure - go do some investigating.

Do you think It will be like that ?.Further down ?

6.35 if it goes through support. Looks like it had a similar pump just before August.

I couldn’t say. I don’t know the in’s and out’s of either company - but if they lied once, it does beg the question if it was the first time …

Is this proven or in Hindenberg’s response?

Have Kandi confirmed or refuted this?

I have seen somewhere Kandi accepted irregularities in accounting system and will response to investors when they are ready.I am worried it will not only sink but get delisted from Nasdaq ?