Kazakhstan Fintech Kaspi.kz (KSPI) go IPO today in LSE

You will not find a lot of analysts talking about this as it is new. But there is a lot of news about this such as:


Based on original valuation the price should be around US$33.75. But the IPO valuation is very traditional anyway and in many cases (if not all) for the tech stock with high intrisic value, the opening price in the stock market is much higher than the original IPO price. Just look at the recent case with AirBnB, Doordash

The stock opened at $38 per share and traded as high as $46.90 with volume of more than 4.4m million shares. Currently trading at US$52.70.

It seems there are a lot of promises about this fintech company. Also, I just notice ARK Invest put their first bet on this stock.

I might jump into this train (Gravy train ? might be) but if I do I will definitely not buy it at the current price. I will wait until the volume is stabilised to see how much the investors are valuing this stock.

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Thank you for posting this, interesting play here…
T.A.M. is a bit small though, and how come is trading in London, but share price is in $ ? :slight_smile:
With ARK Invest buying here, a lot more people will look into this very soon.

Seems to be a bit of a trend at the minute with regards to e-commerce and POS tech dedicated to specific regions;

  • OZON - Russian e-commerce
  • JMIA - African e-commerce
  • AFTPY - Australian POS
  • LSPD - Canadian POS
  • KSPI - Kazakhstan POS

Expectation is that these will be the leaders in their respective markets - not sure of the weight or substance behind those convictions.

A small problem for brittish investors, we are not allowed to buy and hold most of these stocks under ISA accounts.
I’ve bought 300 JMIA a while ago with 10$/share and I was forced to close my position when JMIA was trading at 9$ because of brittish law and trading212 late notification on that matter :))
I had a peak at JMIA price recently just to shoot myself afterwards :slight_smile:
We also dont have OZON, JMIA, AFTPY, but we do have LSPD and KSPI :slight_smile:
until we don’t :))

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Yes, very annoying, that one.

I wouldn’t get comfortable with KSPI. It’s an ADR so I suspect that should be out.

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