KSPI LSE delisting

Hi All,

Does anyone here currently hold KSPI shares that have recently been delisted on the LSE?

Does anyone know what will happen to these shares as they cannot be traded.


The event is still pending. Once the official terms of the delisting are clarified, we take the appropriate actions following those terms.


Any updates on this as i can see KSPI on the Nasdaq is still going up but my money is still frozen in the LSE KSPI stock, so im missing these gains/profits. Its now been over a week and still nothing.

I can appreciate T212 may be waiting for details, but are T212 requsting updates from them?



After the cancellation of the LSE listing, the company now maintains only a NASDAQ listing. As a result, we will move all LSE client positions to the NASDAQ listing. In other words, we will close the LSE listing of Kaspi.KZ JSC and distribute the new NASDAQ shares with a ratio of 1:1.

Hopefully, we’ll complete the event later today.

Thanks for the update.

With regards to the cost basis and given the Nasdaq listing share price has gone up over the last week, will we benefit from the gain? Or will i just get the profits as it stood at the date of the LSE delisting?


Yes, the new shares will be traded at the current NASDAQ price.