Keep Pie holdings and single holdings separate

I do not really like how when you invest in a pie, the pie investments come up in the same bar as your normal investments, and therefore it is quite difficult to keep track everyday, would be good if there was another tab, specifically for tab investments.


You can just move the “separate” holdings into a separate pie as a workaround

Moving the separate holdings into a pie makes selling them quickly a real pain and isn’t a real solution.

Move the shares held in the pies into the pies list and allow them to be sold in one click and suspend pies until they are rebalanced.

Pies, great idea, useless in practice.

Not useless at all for long term investors. Whether they inconvenience people who choose to day trade on the side is another matter. Moving them to a separate pie adds 2 extra clicks towards selling. If those seconds are crucial then the day trader is cutting things too close