Usability improvements Pie

If I create a Pie and change it and want to remove stocks,
and I don’t want to rebalance automatically,
let me just tell off my shares as such.

When I have a Pie you keep
this “Cash” for no reason, leave it in my free funds, as there is no pending order.

When rebalancing, give me an option to do it manually without the issue to change my proportions every time, because you don’t want to implement limits and I don’t want to lose more money than necessary.


Let my buy each position from my pie as single additional investment also shown in the pie.

Let me “close” my Pie and transfer all shares as separate shares to my normal investments, so I can sell them off later.

OK, it is super not-obvious, but you can withdraw and make this custom, so theoretically selling single positions should be possible.

See: More Actions: Export shares from Pies – Trading 212

Thank you very much, this does the trick