Organising the Portfolio

Would be great if we could organise our shares in different groups/folders.

I’m diversifying so my portfolio is starting to get very disorganised. So I think it would be great if we could organise our stocks in different folders which we could hide the content.
It’s really annoying having to scroll down to find certain stocks.

I know that it is possible to do something similar with the pie feature but I prefer to buy my stocks individually.


You can still buy stocks individually within a pie. It’s definitely the best solution for you.


This is definitely the best solution for now. I don’t think there is a need to have something else like a folder structure feature as pies do the same thing with additional features too.

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I just tried it again and I can see now how it could work.
Although, there is a minimum value. So if I have a pie with 50 stock in it, I need to invest at least 50€ even though I just want to invest in one stock. I don’t find this very practical.

Even better would be if it was possible in the holdings tab to open a stock’s page when clicking on it and invest manually from there.

I really appreciate you taking every single request seriously. Keep up with the good work.

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You can buy the shares you want outside of the pie, and then import it in the pie. That way you keep the 1€ minimal price :+1:


Are you talking about Pies in Pies Feature?
Is something that was expected in 2020, then was delayed, and delayed, and now to be honest I don’t know if is still in the pipeline or not.

Yeah I remember I had the same problem before, they really should change that as the minimum investment should really be the number of stocks you’re buying * £1.

But @Zergui is right, you can just buy and import which is the way I used to do it. It’s kinda like downloading something into your downloads folder on your computer and then moving it into the right folder after.

Hope this works for you :+1:


Thank you!
I will do this until there is a simpler option.

I’ve been trying it out today.
There are still some inconveniences like it’s time consuming to update the pies each time I buy shares.
Also if I want to sell some, I have to sell it for the minimum value in the pie so the only solution is to export the investments and then sell it which makes it again time consuming.

I think there should be an easier way and simple option to organise the portfolio.
So I’m still hoping they will add something that solves this.

I too would like a “folder” function to better organize my stocks

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