Konichiwa Warren buffet

Warren Buffet is taking some stakes in Japanese companies

As the Japanese market isn’t available to us, has anybody researched the various japan etfs? Any favourites? I’m currently going through them and will update the post with findings

Also @David any ideas when we will be able to invest in Japanese companies?


What company/companies has he taken a stake in?


ughh Japan? I’d gladly skip on Japan in favour of HKG, exchanges are incomparable in size

He didn’t pick Nintendo? The most safest bet out of all of them? :laughing:

I’m sure Warren did his research though :thinking:

i am almost certain he already has access to HKG market…

He is not requesting access to japan or hkg on a free trading platform…

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Hahahaha that’s on point man :joy:.
I didn’t look up about HKG, but the growth quoted in that article is quite impressive, and also ahead.

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