Any real estate stocks who invest in Asia?

It would be helpful if anyone knows any stocks or ETFs which are good for real estate in Singapore, China or Hong Kong?

Evergrande springs to mind but not sure why :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


They are not on Trading212 though are they?

And probably not the best time or invest in them :joy:

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Wow, I would not be looking to invest in those 3 territories right now for real estate. Whats wrong with UK? Two I like and own are Taylor Wimpey (Housebuilder) and Tritax Big Box (warehouse REIT).

But if needing Asian real estate exposure I guess maybe some of the banks who lend in those areas might be a good way with reduced risk, as individual builders like Evergrande could be in for a rough ride.

Whatever you decide just take it slow and dont buy all at once as could get some nice buying ops in coming months

I have already invested heavily in the U.K. real estate but just curious

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Fair play, makes sense to diversify as you plan to then. :muscle:

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Yeah and I am already holding with HSBC who lend in U.K., HK and Singapore!

So that’s actually not a bad thing, and got decent returns as well.

I’m also with Taylor wimpey as well I really like what they are doing.

Do you recommend any other banks for Asia?