LAC Lithium Americas Stock

Anyone know whats happening with the LAC stock? the company has split into two, LAC is the ticker for the US side, new side has a ticker of LAAC (for the Argentina site) I am only showing the LAC stock in portfolio with a drop of 68% today… have i just lost this money as the company split, or will I be allocated the correct number of shares for the LAAC side?


Еligible clients will receive the new shares in the next few days :pray: I’ll update the thread once we allocate the shares.

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Good afternoon.

My shares also haven’t split which has been a very worrying day.

Can you confirm that we will receive shares in both Lac and Laac as stated by Lithium Americas? And will we receive the shares at the initial opening price of today?

Thank you

thanks, when you say ‘Eligible’ clients, what does this mean? i would assume anyone who had LAC stock would then receive the LAC and LAAC?.. my account is currently only showing the LAAC so hopefully in the next day or so I will also have the relevent LAC shares?.

Thanks for the update. Can you explain how the new shares will be allocated? At the moment my account is only showing the lower value LAAC and therefore a massive loss. Thanks

Hey, everyone :wave:

As you may already be aware, Lithium Americas Corp. (LAC) was renamed to Lithium Americas Argentina Corp., and the ticker was changed to LAAC as a result. As this is now done, the company will spin-off new LAC shares with a 1 to 1 ratio.

Yes, we will distribute the spin-off LAC shares later today. When it comes to the average price of the new shares, it will be visualised as 0. This is due to the fact that the shares are allocated as part of the execution of a corporate event and aren’t purchased with your own funds.

Your assumption is absolutely correct. The ex-date of the event was October 4th, 2023. so everyone who held shares through market close on October 3rd is eligible.

The new LAC shares will be allocated to your account the same way they are for other spin-off events. They will be visible in your portfolio along with all of your other holdings, and we’ll send an in-app notification to confirm once the event is executed :pray:


Thanks for the quick and clear responses. Much appreciated.

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Quick update - the due shares have been distributed :ok_hand: