Lending demand history

Hi T212. I have just been to my invest account to look at the lending demand on some stocks. There’s one stock that had high lending demand for a while but is suddenly “none”. It would be really useful to see a chart of lending demand for a particular stock so that we can see how the lending demand has varied over time. This would be really informative and indicate shifts in sentiment.

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That’s an interesting suggestion :bulb: I’ll pass it on for consideration.

I can understand that providing a chart may involve some development. It would still be very useful to be able to see what the demand was 1 week, 2 weeks and 1 month ago (and perhaps 2 months). (edit: ie just text giving us the data rather than a chart but a chart would definitely be nice)

I’m expecting significant news on a few companies so the level of lending demand is one indication about what the market is thinking. At least seeing roughly have that’s varied over the last month or two would be really helpful