Let have a copy system that actually shows the performance of the trader’s pie over a time period rather than the only number of copies as a metric for the top trader

At the moment what the platform shows as the top pie is based on the number of copies which does not help anyone make a good judgment or informed decision on how that pie or the trader is performing on trading 212. Basically, anyone can build a pie that they did not invest in to test it and newbies copy it, that’s a heavily flawed system. For example, I created pies that are actually performing with over 50% weekly/monthly without many copies. I will like to share such pie with a wider audience based on its market performance with real money performance to help others.

Take for example
Top Trader Portfolios which comprise the best performing and most sustainable traders, the Copy Pies should aim to help investors minimize long-term risk, promote growth opportunities.

I guess what am saying Is: CopyPie, should allow a newbie to copy top-performing traders, instantly replicating their trading in their portfolio not copy for a copy without any real-time performance data.

If you want to test-drive my pie here is the link to one of them: www.trading212.com/pies/l7a9Sw1TCBkaOCxRXoyRN9ETR46E

The pie rankings aren’t sorted based on the number of copies, it takes many factors into account. And copies should definitely be one of the heaviest weighted ranking metrics, as it shows that people actually like the pie and want to use it. Rate of return is based on historical data and can be very misleading to investors, which is why they changed the numbers on the pie feed from return rate to number of copies, and also capped the return rate at 20% when viewing to help prevent people from simply picking pies based on past performance.

If pies were mainly or completely ranked by rate of return, then high risk will rank highest and that really shouldn’t be the case. I think sticking to pies that people respond positively to, from number of likes and copies, is far superior than performance metrics. If the P/E ratio of each pie was displayed I could guarantee that the highest returning pies have a strong correlation with P/E, and therefore buying into these companies may not have superior returns as they are “overvalued” and have already priced in much of the growth in the future.

So again, show what people like, not what has the best historical return.

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Surely, I agree number of copies should be used as factor but at the moment returns based on actual trader returns are not factored in and this could be misleading as well. The two factor should be combined with stock projections to show performance. or the two choice options should be made available for investors to choose i.e performance option and number of copies made available.

How would you plan to implement real trader returns though? Do you plan on selling in and out of positions frequently? Pies are made for long term investing, which is why they don’t automatically update for someone who copies it. Though they are planning to allow updating to occur as there are certain use cases that require this e.g the ARK pies which need constantly updated with the original fund.

My personal opinion is ranking based on performance is a poor option, especially for any new investors who may copy blindly. And I don’t see it being any use, as I think ridiculously high returns is something you need to be extremely cautious of. But maybe a tab for high returns could work? But I definitely wouldn’t sort by return

Remember that not everyone want to expose publicly their returns… I do understand that it’s mostly an ego war, people trying to prove who is the best… but it should be an individual decision, exposing all users “performance” sounds a bit intrusive.

I will monthly share in my Pies how much they have performed, whoever have interest on that data, will be able to see it in the comments.

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My friend 212 isn’t Etoro, if you want that you want to expand your ‘client base’ and earn that sweet commission you can go there. We aren’t falling for it here.


Its about creating more choices for the investors, obviously one has to opt in/consent for their returns to shown.

This sounds more like eToro is doing, I guess trading212 are not allowed to copy that (is it under a patent?)

Don’t think you could parent something like that. It’s not Trading 212s style though.

I mean you can patent any ideas before everyone takes advantage of it. Though I am not an expert in patent :slight_smile:

It needs to be unique enough to be patentable. I don’t think they’ve came up with anything unique enough to claim it as their own. They could maybe patent something within it, such as copyrighting the name “copy trading” or something

We had exactly this type of rating system in ProQuant before it closed down, this is not unique to Etoro, there are so many trading platforms using copy trade. I must agree they made it popular though.