Limit (buy) orders doesn't activate when price reach

Searched on the forum but couldn’t really find what I need, so I made a new similar topic again.

Anyways, been using trading212 for a week and a half now and i’m really enjoying my stay.
But yesterday when i was doing some CFD trading, and also this morning.

When I have my set limit buy orders and waiting for price to potentially reach my desired level.

However, price action can go be traded (below) my (buyin) target.


  • I put in X of X as a limit buy order on USD 15, current price action is 17USD
    Price falls to 13USD but my limit buy order still isn’t activated?

For over 30 minutes was trading actively below my limit buy order and it really made me want to instantly withdraw all my funds.

But hopefully it can be fixed? Or explained to me as why orders didn’t get executed.

Thank you for help and time.

There are no guarantees that when you place an order that they’ll be someone on the other end wanting to take it.

What stock was it?

Was it also using SETSqx which has uncrossings at 8am, 9am, 11am, 2pm and 4:35pm ?

Also if it was placed but processing, then you’ll be out of luck until IB hears back.

@phildawson gentleman is asking for CFD account, so it doesn’t matter I think. @Winkers for someone to answer your question you should provide some more details what stock what timeframe and what was your order, when it was placed. Maybe stock you have issues with gapped somewhere through trading hours and your price never occurred. Just guessing, hard to do anything without details

Which stock, and where was the limit, and what time was it placed? As long as the offer is at or below the limit and the market open, you should have been filled. Unsuprisingly it’s all automated, so there’s no-one deciding whether to fill an order or not.


Sorry, I will post further details.

CFD account
Tesla stock
I had my limit buy orders at different entries,

Price was in the regions of 1515 when i put orders 1510, 1505 and 1502.
Price action dropped to 1501 as low, traded within ranges of 1504-1509 for a good 15 minutes.

And not a single of my orders were executed or filled so I just canceled them out as something isn’t working like it should ( IMO )

Time was rougly 10->1130 CET, can’t fully remember

You can look in the Orders history under Reports and find the exact time.

Well there is no order history since 0 orders executed eventhough price was underneith my “( limit - buy )” order, hence the problem. There is no history since I was somehow ignored in the markets price action.

Mark someone from @Team212 there is already @NickS who took part in discussion they can look closer into this if you tag them

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The orders will still show in the history as “Cancelled”

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Couldn’t locate exactly which is which.

Missed some pictures aswell just Couldn’t find them.

This is the 1 minute BUY price chart (UK time). Apparently the price did not reach your limit during that period.
I wonder if yere you looking at the SELL chart, it is the default chart for CFD?