Trading 212 bought higher than limit order price


Can any advise? I put an order of buy at 104p but the system bought it at 107p. Even though the rules say, “In the case of a Limit Order to buy, your Order will be executed if the obtainable in the market is equal to or lower than the price you have set.”

So how is 107p equal to or lower than 104p? There is no phone number to call just an email. (sorry should have said i am new to this trading platform)

I am super confused. Did I just wake up and all the math rules change?

Thank you for your help in advance.

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Was the limit order set correctly? Can you post a screenshot from your history? Someone else reported an issue but was asked repeatedly to post a screenshot but never did.

I personally have never had an issue with limit orders but would be keen to see if there is a problem or not.


You have in app support, take screenshot of your limit order proving limit price was lower then fill price and create ticket. They should respond quickly…

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Hi @krr13
Thanks for getting back to me.

Sure the order ID EO213800936.

Very bizarre as I definitely waited for price to drop to around 103.5 market was closing so put the order in for 104.

The screen shot only shows price filled but doesn’t give detail of what was requested, I am hoping the system should have what was entered for my order ID not just what was the execution price.

Thank you for your help.
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That was a market order not a limit order which is why it filled at 107p.


This is not Limit order… that is standard market order…

This is limit order

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@krr13 and @Vedran

Thank you both. I guess error on my part. Still getting use to the system. Appreciate your quick response. :slight_smile:


@krr13 @Vedran

it is very weird though, thinking back i definitely put in a price for execution. Is it possible to put a limit order in and it get executed as market order, specially if the market as closed.

Would you not expect the market order to be executable (i.e. not enterable) when the market is closed?

You can place market order whenever you like. It will be executed when market opens.

You could have been toying with limit order but the screenshot clearly shown Market order.

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Thank you for the assist :slight_smile: @Vedran

If you did put limit order to 104p it would have not been executed in the morning as the price gapped above 106p right from open.

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Agree that is what i was anticipating. Specially as someone had bought about 4 million shares at 16:35 after market close, which made the price jump post market close. lol! most likely sold in the morning making a nice 1% over the weekend.