Order Buy did not trigger

Hi all,

I was following a stock heading in the downward direction. I put in a limit-buy at 2.50 price point.

The stock eventually hit 2.50 and proceeded to go down until 2.44. The limit-buy order however, never triggered.

The stock has meanwhile soared to 2.93. That’s a lot of profit loss.

Anyone have an idea why the limit-order did not trigger? I am pretty sure that I set the order before the stock hit the limit, but I cannot see at what time the order was created to verify. Still, the buy should have triggered.


Well if you cancel the limit order, under history you will see when the order was submitted on, compare it with 1m chart to see if price was reached before or after.

Or reach to support team via app and give details on what stock etc…

Depends also how much you wanted to buy.
Limit buys need to fill the whole order, i’m wondering if it was unable to find enough sellers in time to fill your order before the price reversed and went back up.

Maybe this was the case?

After checking Vedran’s suggestion it seems that I submitted the order too late after all, bummer :confused:

Adm: Thank you for pointing that out to me for future reference.