Limit buy order being rejected immediately

Hi - anyone else having issues with setting limit buy orders? Works fine for most instruments but have seen issues with PHI and MNKS recently. Is it an investment trust thing?

Possibly an issue with number of decimals, try just do two decimal places, will probably work.

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Thanks - Seems to have worked for MNKS. Having the same issue just now with BGCG. Can only enter a price in 2 dp and it’s instantly rejected.

Same issue.

I’ve just missed out on something because of this. Why, if it only accepts 2 decimal places, does the app auto populate the value to more than two decimal places for limit orders.

The price increment changes as the value of the instrument appreciates or depreciates. We are exploring our options of automating the price prevision, however, it will take time.

As we have discussed on previous occasions, for the time being, we can offer to check such cases manually.

The price increment for orders with value between 5 and 10 GBP is 0.02 GBP. Bear in mind that we quote the instrument in GBX. The current price is roughly 520.75 GBX. Unfortunately, we cannot amend the price precision for this instrument for the time being since the price will get rounded up and the displayed quote will not be as accurate as possible.

Hi Rumen - thanks for responding. Just used a limit value divisible by 2p and it’s been accepted.