Limit order executed incorrectly

Last week I placed an order to buy Tullow at 25.1 pre market open. Once the market had open I realised that my order was executed even though the price was higher to buy. When I looked closer it was executed at 27.1p and not the price I set. I sent a message using the app as always I never get a response. I am seriously considering going elsewhere to trade.

Have you got a screenshot? I use limit orders a lot so if there are examples where they have failed I’d like to see.

Unfortunately I didn’t think of taking a screenshot.

I’m also notice incorrectly executing trades. The execution price is different from the displayed prices. It’s been really bad lately.

If you go into the history tab on the app and then orders you can see in there the price you set and the price it executed and take a screenshot from there.

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@Makshah Feel free to direct message me your email address so I can check all orders which you deem to be incorrectly executed.

Doesn’t matter. I have lost more than £10k in a rigged system and no customer support.

I have gone to IG now.

If it was genuinely T212s fault then they usually reimburse the loss.

If it was my £10k lost I’d certainly be following that up, so worth PM if you are confident it’s a mistake their side.

If this was a limit order then you might have a case.

As I asked before can you share a screenshot?

@Makshah If we’ve wronged you somehow, we’ll definitely reimburse you, we don’t play such cases under the radar. If you don’t want to communicate with us directly, feel free to share your case with the community.

@Makshah you can easily prove you are right/wrong. Go to Tullow > History.

There should be order there.

It will easily show limit price and fill price…

I had this yesterday. had a limit buy of 399 for BLND fill price was 340.6. don’t know its a bug. it’s only a penny so not too bothered considering it was a small order.

EDIT: Sorry, Never mind I read this wrong.

@Inkmattic I dont understand, your limit buy 399p was with fill price 340p? How is that bad for you?
Limit buy is for set price or lower, meaning cheaper for you…

The OP, is telling he had scenario where limit buy was 25, fill price was 27. Meaning he paid more then he asked for…

Which seems unlikely, but he has purchase history. So easy to prove his case.

My mistake don’t really know what i was thinking here. you are right.