Order executed at higher price

I put the following order in:
The price it executed at was much higher than the price that was listed, picture of graph shown here :

Is that normal? It is rather infuriating.

I assume you used market order?

Thats why I always use limit order

yes I did, but something else has happened as well, a sell order has been created that I can’t cancel for the same thing! I never thought the price I ended up paying would be a full 20 odd % higher than what I wanted to buy at. I am not sure what can be done, but I am loosing a fair amount of money on this now…

what stock is it? I would never advise looking at the line chart whilst placing market orders :see_no_evil:

You need to be looking at candles esp on 0.x

My friend always use Limit Order :wink:

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Inrad optics, live and learn I suppose, but if this sell order executes which I can’t seem to cancel I will be loosing like £900 which is really really sad. Surely the price you get should be the one you see on the graph?

It doesn’t always work though for some things I tried using limits and it just says order rejected even if the limit is for the price seen on the graph currently.

Yeah sometimes it happens to me but I keep trying. I don’t remember the last time I sold using Market price :slight_smile:

I think 212 show the offer price rather than the bid. If the graph showed both it would just look weird imo.

The chart is plotting the ASK (buy) which is just indicative.

However I’m looking at that and I can’t see it’s updated.

Holy shit there’s no liquidity on this instrument, I can easily see your order. Volume is only 10k

So the T212 chart is fine, there’s no new quote.

I have to ask why did you buy this?