Limit order keeps cancelling

Hi All,
I am currently trying to set a Limit Order on Lake Resources $LLKKF but every time I set the limit, its just cancels it a few seconds later, but doesn’t even notify me?
Any help would be appreciated.

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I’m getting a similar issue, although I can’t even submit a limit order. The web application says:

“The quantity must be equal or lower than 0”.

The mobile app says:

“The maximum remaining quantity for long positions with this instrument is 0”.

I’m no expert but speculating if this has something to do with the recent GME-type activity. Hoping someone from T212 will clarify!

I did find this, for the second error message …

… but seems to relate to CFDs rather than stock investing, so I’m still not sure. I’ve sent T212 support an email, hopefully they’ll reply!

same for stock, Why is T212 restricting placing order to buy LLKKF ?


the OTC Markets Group has placed restrictions on LLKKF. T212 are trying to communicate with them alongside their intermediary to have the restrictions removed.

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oh really?, many thanks for that info.


Why are there Trade Restrictions on Lake Resources ?

This is rather unnerving because all one can do is SELL.

What is the issue (it’s been 1 whole week now) and any hope of a resolution ?


Ask the otc markets group. :roll_eyes:

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Are we in a situation like Robinhood where Trade212 does not have enough cash positions to cover LLKKF ?

LLKKF is available through Intereactive Brokers so this is DEFINITELY a Trade212 issue !

Can’t sell either. This is frustrating. All market limit orders have not been filled since last week.

Seems deliberate to me. There’s a note on the instruction to say buy orders are restricted but cannot fathom why sell orders aren’t going through as well. My market sell order is still pending since my original post here which is well over 3 weeks.

Is this happening only on Cfd portal, correct?