Llkkf restrictions

Still unable to sell this stock, totally unacceptable, when will this be resolved?


At least the price is going up. Perhaps you can sell once the market opens in a few hours?

Hey :wave:,

Lake Resources (LLKKF) has been suspended by our intermediary Interactive Brokers hence, we are not in a position to process orders. We are in communication with them and as soon as there is any news, we’ll let you know.

How about pushing IB for a ‘sell only’ mode?

Hey @Dougal1984,

We are already in communication with IB to check if this is possible.

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This is the update that someone posted in Twitter hmmm

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Hi Bogi,

Just looking to see if there is an update on this?


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I am wondering if it’s possible to get an update on what is happening with LLKKF. I appreciate the reason as to why it was suspended several months ago, however, since then there has been little to no formal update in the help FAQ’s on the T212 support site. Furthermore within T212 itself the service has deteriorated to such that even the chart is unavailable in the applications. I have seen comments floating around the internet in regards to IBKR having now unsuspended this? Can this be confirmed? If not, is there a formal announcement from them on the current state?

With todays positive news from Lake Resources and there new relationship with Lilac Solutions Inc. it would be nice to have a formal update on the situation as there is going to be some more renewed interest in this, by people already holding stock and probably new buyers.



I completely agree - this is some great news about Lilac and we simply can’t do anything with the money we have invested into the stock via Trading212. The least we should be able to do is sell the stock to get some of our investment back.


I’ll also add to the list of people that are searching for answers.

Is this a classic case of Citadel monopolising once again and stopping people jumping into a stock that can easily moon should people find out it’s potential?! Sound like it…

Can you elaborate on this?

What Citadel have to do with FCA, Interactive Brokers and Trading 212?

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Yep, I was wondering that too, I am confused haha.

Well, looks like we finally got our answer, however, I find that status update rather ambiguous. It could read two ways, that we will be able to share if we want to in the coming weeks, or T212 will be executing a sell for us at some point in the coming weeks. Would be good to have an update.

Why has the purchase of lake resources shares been suspended and when will it be resumed??

7months later…