Order rejected repeatedly

Does anyone know why my orders keep getting rejected for some stocks. Trying to put a limit but in and immediately it gets rejected. I have enough funds…

This happened with anyone else?

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Yes I’m getting it on AIM stocks.

Having to fall back to market orders which isn’t great.

@David are the team aware of this? I’ve tried explaining on chat but fobbed off as a liquidity issue for limit orders.

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So strange. Missing out on buying a the bottom. Been happening all day.
I do notice that it accepts certain numbers. So if you put a limit order of say 119.87, it gets rejected, 119.85 works.

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Yes same experience, I found what happend is I would type 2.5 as a limit order, it would get placed for about 2-3 seconds and then the system would cancel my order. (Like as if I had clicked the X)

Tried about five times same result. Try entering 2.4 and it doesnt get cancelled by the system.

If I then clicked on that 2.4 and adjusted to 2.5 it then got deleted by the system after a couple of seconds.

Also I’ve noticed the transaction has changed from saying cancelled (by the system) to just rejected.

The top one being a market buy. Which took ridiculously long to execute and I know the liquidity is fine (normally takes seconds and I can see the trades going through)

Hopefully @David @Martin @PeterA @Tony.V can report it because it’s not normal, I’ve tried multiple times via chat and fobbed off everytime which isn’t great customer feeling when you know it doesn’t normally do that.

Edit in fact can you take a look at that @David that market buy went over the counter almost an hour after I placed it.


Also is it coincidence that I can see this 700 trade at the same time? Surely OTC wouldn’t show up as they are internal?

You can see how many trades happened between placed and when it was executed. It this case lost out on the 2.57 ask, and someone on T212 managed to get a 2.58 sell which would have been good for them considering the bid is 2.44!


Hi, I’m getting a similar problem, also market orders and limits orders are trying to go through at a different price