Limit sell not executing

This probably isn’t a T212 problem, more like I just need some education.

I have a sell limit @ 264p on ARB. I’m watching the ARB price in realtime and seeing successful trades at 265p. Obviously mine has yet to execute.

Is it because the spread is so big? i’m only capable of selling at 250p or something?

I’m using IG to see some extra details that T212 doesn’t seem to show me.

You aren’t going to get a sell filled at 264, I mean the BID is 250 and that 264 is 1p from what is being ASKed to buy

A couple of sells at 250.75, but yeah you’ll need to take BID 250 if you want out straight away.

Hmm… its hard to understand how this works since right now T212 says I can market sell for 254.525p, however my LIMIT Sell isn’t even executing at 250p

also where did you get that data? is that Level2/paid for?

Thats from ADVFN, its temporally shown for free/trial and then paid for.

T212 uses Bloomberg for its data feed which is :poop:

The offer is 265 and bid is 250.

So if you want to buy or sell immediately you need to hit that ASK or receive that BID.

The Price column is what the trades are going through as, so you can see just under the ASK is being taken.

Just looking again :eyes:

265 and 255 as of now.

I don’t really know why it has 254.050 and 265.950

so there is an issue then since the limit sell at 250p stil hasn’t executed :confused:

I bet a market sell might be filled instantly OTC. Could try selling 1 share as a test.

Isn’t it SETSqx? As in auctioned.

I haven’t had issues trading ARB before so i’m confident a market sell will work fine. I will reinvestigate it soon.

btw the price for advfn sucks :frowning:

Spread on ARB this morning was crazy!! 20p+ …

Granted, the market’s had only just opened (before anyone points out the obvious)!

It’s been 20p a lot of the day (currently at 10p). What I cant see is why we were not seeing 230p and 250p which it was rather than 228.4p and 251.6p

@David Atm it’s 265p ask and 255p which all brokers with raw spreads show.

Whilst on T212