Not executing sell stocks after one hour into market

Sold shares, 1 hours into market T212 still not executing the order and going now into a loss.
Can T212 speed this up please or look into this as this has been such a common issue here
as well that some stocks are just not moving (UK market and German Market) whilst exchange has been open, and I check Tradegate and Xetra which clearly indicates movement on prices.

as well that this new layout is so buggy and slow with graphs not moving and charts just giving immense delayed data with candlesticks literally 2-10 seconds behind versus the real-time ones.

Which stock(s) is it btw? Are they fairly liquid?

T212 don’t control when it gets executed. They place the order via IB API and wait for a response. Unless it’s an issue with placing the order which is usually done in ms then I’m not sure.

Also T212 is only plotting the ASK on the chart so you might be comparing against trades if you are looking elsewhere. T212 only updates when the offer (or bid) changes.

Not trying to defend T212 here, and they do definitely have issues sometimes with quotes. The Bloomberg feed they use is crap imo.

its deffo worse than any other platform for execution.
1.5 hours in and the graph/chart still not moving when the price dropped 23% already premarket and post-opening.

that’s even worse than no execution on the long side and short side.

Idk what 212 is up to these last months but adding constant new features is great but it does not take away the core issues they have.

I have the same trade running on 3 other platforms and executed the sell and longs on all three. all of them instantly done. T212 - I can wait till Xmas next year and my money is still stuck.

What are the stocks that aren’t updating?

I should add the displaying of the bid-ask quotes aren’t connected with the trading. Bloomberg provides the quotes, Interactive Brokers provides the trading.

I’ve found its usually the quotes coming in are delayed when the trading is fine.

@shosho Would you mind sharing the instruments you are experiencing this with? If you would like, we could discuss the execution of specific orders as well. You can send me a personal message with the order IDs you refer to.