Orders pending/rejected

Hi all

Has anyone else experienced issues with orders stuck on pending or being outright rejected, even with a reduced price limit order which I thought would get around this problem.

I am trying to sell TLSS and have not been able to do so all day. The stock has not been halted and it is absolutely infuriating as I have lost quite a bit today because of it.

I realise that OTC trades are not instantaneous but I was wondering if this is related to the recent 500k maximum shares per order T212 brought in recently. I was trying to sell well under this today.

I would live chat someone but this facility has been suspended and I don’t have high hopes of getting a response anytime soon via the form.

What is going on!

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@trader2 Hi. This was due to the precision you were trying to use when setting limit orders.
The maximum digit precision is 0.XXXX while you were trying to set 0.XXXXX.

We’ve reduced the precision to limit the ability to overshoot.


Thank you David for quick response it is greatly appreciated.

I think I understand regarding the limit orders, I have managed to get a few sell orders through at market sell but for small amounts e.g. about a thousand shares. Anything larger than this and it gets stuck on pending, could this also be related to digit precision?