Limit sell orders


If I have limit sells set at certain points (I.e some shares at certain price targets), if the stock is up pre market above the limit sell price, will it sell at open at the best available price or at the limit sell price set?

Example GNUS I have a limit sell at $1.65 and pre market is at $1.75. If we assume it opens at 1.75 (aware that may not be the case) , will it sell at 1.75 open or just give me the 1.65 I’ve asked for?


Limit sell is the lowest price you want to get. So it will execute for a price above it.

So if the price was 1.50 and you have set 1.65 as limit sell and market opens at 1.75, it will execute at 1.75ish. Could spike up and execute at that price.

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Great, thanks for your help