Protection against low Limit Sell price loss when market opens high

I had put 5 shares of NVDA on limit sell at $230, but the market opened at roughly $240 **but it still sold at 230** , rendering me a loss of +100!

This was executed as a TOTV, I think Trading212 should add a protection against such changes. The pre-market was clearly showing it will open higher, I didn’t change the sell order because I thought it will anyhow be filled at the price or better!!

Can anyone from T212 explain to me how their limit sell orders work? And why did this trade happen on the venue (TOTV)? And will I be compensated for the error?


If you had a limit sell set at 230 and you actually sold at 240 then you made $10 per share more than what you were aiming for. Or am I missing something?

@saifali T212 limit orders work exactly as explained in Investopedia. I fail to understand how you generated a loss if you had a sell limit at $230 and sold for $240. Please elaborate :slight_smile:

@George @MitchB actually it sold at $230 and not $240. Limit Sell orders sell at the price assigned or higher, instead of closing at $230 it should have closed at $240!

I hope I make it clear now?

@saifali It’s not easily visible when looking at the line chart on the mobile app but Nvidia actually opened at $229. You can see that on the web or by tilting your phone & changing the chart to candlesticks. So, you really did get the best/exact price at that moment in time.

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Thanks David, you are right… thanks for the graph. I just checked with the web app!

But my request is still valid, because if I remember correctly, you mentioned you are trying to add Level II Data and Extender Hours trading, isn’t it necessary that you protect or at least send a notification to customers that the opening price is (may be) very close to the sell price and that the user may want to adjust it?