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Hi All. I am new to trading 212. I am struggling to link my practice account to Proquant. I have an account linked to Proquant by 212 API but cannot get my trades linked to my 212 account. I understand this is done by adding the email account when prompted but I never get this prompt . Can anyone help(

You have to download the ProQuant app or goto There you have to paste your API key to connect your T212 account. I would advice to first start with only your Practice account and test some strategies before throwing in real money.

Thanks Chantal

I have done that. The issue is that when the trades are on on the practice account, they are not reflected on my 212 trading account… What am I missing?

Hello Pedrosantos,

Only real money Trades will be placed and seen in 212.
Your simulation in ProQuant are practice on ProQuant only.


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HIUTSUR many thanks for clarifying.