Listing Roblox on open - March 10th

Hello all!

Will you be listing Roblox when they begin trading on March 10th? Im interested to invest on the day, as I’m sure many others will be too.



@Joey_Fantana :tada:

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You should consult with your legal team on possible next steps.



Weird. I had a message from a friend about this when I woke up and strangely I knew this thread would be sitting here with my name on it…

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Hopefully, they are able to. So far all of the IPO/DLPs I wanted to take part in were added as soon as possible, so it should be fine. It is one of the big ones so there should be interest.

Sorry I’m new to the forum, but I don’t think I withdrew this!

And you don’t have to. That was just a joke between me and Phil, don’t worry.

I’m sure it’ll be added possibly even the day before, if not the day of.

I don’t understand :joy:

Will Roblox listing be available on 212 when it’s ipo goes live?

It should be added on the day as IPOs usually are, then will be available for trading the same time it is available for all retail traders.

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Will be available only for the ones without legal teams.


Literally exactly what the original post asked…

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T-minus 10 days until Roblox (including weekends) Do you think $45 could be the first price we see? Seeing as it’s not a traditional IPO. Hope it isn’t unobtainable. Or if it is to begin with it settles into an obtainable amount after a few days :crossed_fingers:t2:

It’s a Direct Listing so as long as you’re watching like a hawk you should see fairly close to that price. I forget what PLTR did immediately, possibly went down, so you might even see it drop if there are more sellers than buyers.

It is listed now on T212

I see it’s gained a 40billion valuation which is abit mental considering it’s revenue is around 950m

Order stuck on processing for 10 mins. Typical T212.


Will most likely go through at HOD.

Current message showing is ‘our execution intermediary is not accepting orders for roblox’


I’m keen or at least was, I’m unsure what the general behaviour of a new IPO would be, seems very high right now at $70