Roblox- Thoughts

Hi All,

Currently starting some DD on Roblox prior to its planned IPO or Direct Listing.
Just wondered whether anyone had any good links to read through and also their thoughts on the decision on whether they go via IPO or Direct Listing. (If either of them actually happen).

Having only recently started trading the last few months I have found that IPOs have massively inflated the price of these stocks such as $ABNB & $WOOF. Both of which I was planning to get in on at their original or close to the set price on IPO day but come to market 2x or more.


I would wait till the dust settles. The first days of trading for any IPOs are designed to benefit institutional investors and venture capitalists. By the time you or I will be able to buy the stock it would have rocketed. Usually when all the excitement is over the price will come down to earth and you can buy into it then.


Itโ€™s not IPO thought itโ€™s a direct listing afaik as itโ€™s not needing the cash.

So thatโ€™s existing shareholders seeing what people will pay for them, about 200m class A shares available.

They reckon about $40 a share which is a very nice x6 return if you hold them atm.

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