Cool portfolio/trading info services and apps

I’ve no paid subscription in any tracking/portfolio-analysis/trading news service or app
But I check these sites on daily bases (specially because I trade mainly in the US market) - Most of them are available as mobile apps with useful notifications and alerts). (Portfolio performance tracking and related news) (Portfolio analysis and great to track currency gain/loss and total returns) (market analysis and news, charting, and watchlists) (market overview, and a basic stock screener) (If you can afford it, this is the service that I’d pay for, by far the best real time market screener I’ve seen and tried, yet it’s just very expensive). (Best dividends calendar/screener) (news, and watchlist) (Market education & news) (nice visual company analysis) (news) (News, great source, and nice watchlist)


I’ll add as a great source of data for personal analysis.

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That’s right, I missed that one :+1:

some more… - similar to marketwatch - self explanatory, I like to see market activity here, gainers.losers.volume - like dividendmax but simpler

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Very cool additions, thanks!