LLKKF No option to sell?

I have been unable to sell my LLKKF penny stocks for several months now despite it saying only buy orders have been disabled and sell orders will go through gradually - but there is no option to sell?

Am I missing something or have read it wrong?

Ask on the in app chat rather than the forum. On the plus side, the price has gone up since you tried to sell.

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If by any chance your position is within a pie, you must first export it out of the pie before selling it manually.
(Open the pie > tab Holdings > scroll to the bottom > More options > export investment)

If not, live chat is your best route.


I think that just be it - I made a lithium mining pie , thanks for the heads up will have a look, don’t actually want to sell yet but just need to know how when I decide to

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It worked - thank you

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Thanks, I don’t actually want to sell but just wanted to know why the option isn’t there - I had it in a pie so was a result of my ignorance


taky jsem zrovna koukal proč to nejde ted už to tedy taky vím díky.A zeptám se je lepší to mít v koláči nebo každé zvlaž,jsem novaček .Děkuji