Can't sell positions, help please - ✅ Solved

I have exported stocks from my pie, deleted all pies so none at all, when I go to investments it shows the stocks exported but still says they are in pies.

I cannot sell them only an option to buy.

This is ridiculous, I’ve contacted customer support from 8am to 12am, 4 hours and still not sorted

Here is an example of bats, I tried buying 0.1 manually to see if it would fix it but not at all

@growingdividends all your pies are deleted after exporting the investments?

@Team212 @George @L.D is this a bug with pies and exporting then deleting?

Check your inbox, @growingdividends. I’ve sent you a DM. :slight_smile: :mailbox_with_mail:

No I tried deleting the pies as the individual positions said they were still in pies but even when I had 0 pies I still couldn’t sell them

semb, iukp, iusa, inrg, cry, rdsb, bp, bats, lgen, mcd, sths, rb, usdv, ukdv, vuke, vagp, vgov, vucp, vuty, wmt

That is a full list of my positions I cannot sell which seems like a scam when the market is up high today and I’m forced into keeping them

@L.D hiya, is it possible to get some help as well?

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This has now been from 8am until 5pm and still no answer? How is this acceptable?

How can I have 24 shares of isf locked into a pie when I have no pies ? I’ve been waiting 24 hours for an answer now

Have you tried creating pie, importing whole position to pie, then try export and check if the issue is resolved?

Possibly a bug, but might try while waiting for @Team212 :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ve just tried that @Vedran but no luck, still not working. Was promised an email response by 230pm at very latest but still nothing :confused:

@David can you help me ?

I export my PIE holding out of pie to sell, this way you cash is available in your acc n not is pie.

@Cai-X I exported it then they removed the sell button so I’m blocked into keeping it, I can’t import it, there’s a full 27 stocks that can’t be sold

Hi, when you try to export an holding, are you exporting to to your acc or another pie.

However if you try to export it; you have to rebalance the pie holding ratio back to 100%. Otherwise it wont export your holding.

I hope this help

@L.D @growingdividends

I have exactly same problem . I removed PIE all holdings and wanted to sell it. However I can only sell manually purchased shares and not PIE purchased shares.
Also, if I want to import these shares (pe purchased) into another PIE - they do not appear on import page as if they do not exist…

How can this be fixed?

Check your inbox, @MantasKK. I’ve sent you a DM.