LMND Stock, newly added, rejecting market /limit orders

I made a market order and a limit order for this stock when it started at $38 then $40, all rejected.

Its on your platform, its jumping and yet all orders I make are being rejected, can this be fixed ASAP pls?

Mods might want to close this one now?

@Drunkebab As with every IPO, the prices are indicative as it’s tradeable only by institutional investors & insiders. The moment the IPO’s live to everyone, orders will stop being rejected. This doesn’t depend on us, unfortunately.

My apologies, as soon as I seen its price show and trading started to go on, I was just under the impression it was then a tradeable instrument… If it was heading downwards I wouldn’t have bothered mentioning, but as it kept jumping $2-4 at a time, I wanted in! :grinning:

Anyways, remembered for the future and thanks for explaining

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