Minor Execution Issue - Solved ✅

We’re currently investigating an issue related to the order execution with certain securities. We’re working on resolving it ASAP, and an update will be posted shortly.

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Anyone else experiencing this? Multiple sell orders at all sp ranges are being rejected except for the market order.

Still being rejected. smh. Come on fellas! What’s the deal?

Looks like it’s the same for all sell orders. Tried with other shares as well. @JimLahey

Same here , started on Friday and still going on. Really unsatisfactory!!!
Trying to sell 3 SAP and 10 Fuchs Petrolub by Limit Order

Got in touch with t212 through chat who says it won’t take much longer to resolve this. Hopefully not too long.

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Is it really only for certain securities? I’m having problem with anything I’m trying with.

Well, “minor” is certainly in the eye of the beholder…

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Hopefully, this is not to suggest that a major one would be a down right F-up for all of us. T212 has been decent in many ways so far.

Seems like pending orders are being accepted again

The matter with the rejected orders has been resolved. Please let us know if you experience further issues.