Long names of stocks

Hi team @Team212 i find it very difficult to trade in graniteshares, leverages shares and wisdom trees shares as on all the views, the acutal company names i.e tesla, amazon etc are all cut off.

The only place to see company name is instrument details or remem the ticker, which is an impossible task.

Can this b urgently looked into please??

In all the view i.e. watch list, investment list and also in actual instrument… the names hav to b shortened.

eg… GS -3X Tesla, LS +3X Tesla, WT +3X Gold

Pls look into urgently.

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screen shot from my watchlist


It is possible. The tickers for the 20-30 instruments I hold are seared into my brain along with another 500 or more. Another workaround would be to use the desktop version.

hi team @Team212 any tghts on this pls??

Thanks for the feedback! We received a similar suggestion over here, so we’ll consider it.

thank u so much… @Team212 T212 is the best :heart::heart:

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Or even better give us an option to restrict the search to only our home currency.
Thank you

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