Option to show Stock ticker before names in lists

If you have multiple ETPs it can be impossible to tell which instruments is which in a list.

For example if I am holding ā€˜GraniteShares 3x Long Appleā€™ all I can see is ā€˜GraniteShares 3x Longā€™, if I decided to buy more GraniteShares 3x Long ETFs they become impossible to discern.

Prefixing the ticker ā€˜3LWP - GraniteShares 3x Long Appleā€™ would make this easier.

Leveraged Shares (e.g Leveraged Shares 3x Microsoft) are also affected by this, there may be others.


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Thatā€™s indeed an interesting suggestion - I will forward it for further review.


I raised that previously. I find it IS a pain.

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This feature is needed. I can only see this. Impossible to tell which is which.


I preferred when we could opt to show only the tickers.