Two line (WordWrap) stock name display

Most of the stocks and ETF’s have long names and when added in a watchlist, it doesn’t display the full name of the stock and gets truncated.

Would it be possible to add a toggle in Settings for the Text display option to display the stock name in Two lines instead of One line?
(I use it mostly in IOS app).


Are you aware there is an option within “Setting/Trading preferences” to see just the ticker rather than full name? This makes the screen much more tidy, and most people find that they quickly come to remember the ticker of stocks and ETFs in which they are interested.


Blimey, I know I wouldn’t remember the tickers, I like to see the full name rather than half of it.
That’s just my preference though.

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You’d be surprised, worth having a toggle. I bet after a week you’ll keep it just tickers.

Thank you for your response.
I am aware of this toggle.
I have around 180 instruments in portfolio and around 20+ watchlists with each 40 stocks.

I would prefer to have the name displayed instead of the ticker.

Bitcoin ETF added recently, need to add that as well to my portfolio!!! (Earlier i hold bitcoin in Coinbase.)

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